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Kimberly Schildbach

No dogmas. No trying to fit you into a category of illness. I'm deeply curious about who you are and how you do things.


I'm unique in my field because I coach/counsel you as a whole person, not as a collection of symptoms.  I'm not trying to mold you to my idea of what you should do to be healthy and happy.

I use the highest form of listening which is listening with an intense curiosity to understand who you are.  I have a unique personal style that is in high demand.  I am client centered, non clinical, non judgmental.  You can expect our sessions to feel like a really good conversation.

I've been doing this for 20 years and I've met people from all walks of life.  No matter what you are struggling with change (and if not change - acceptance) is possible. 

I have a BFA in Film and TV, an M.Ed. in Multicultural Education and an M.Ed. in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I am licensed in Massachusetts as a mental health counselor but I work with clients all over the world as an integrated life coach.  

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