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Online Case Consultation for Therapists

Why case consultation?

The support we provide ourselves naturally filters down to our clients.  Consultation helps with your self awareness and self care enabling you to be more present in the therapy room.

Whether you work in a clinic or are in private practice seeking clinical consultation is a sign of strength.  It shows awareness.  It shows that you care about yourself and your clients and are willing to seek the resources you need to feel confident and secure.

Clinical consultation helps you grow as a therapist and as a business owner.  We can discuss finding your niche, charging what you're worth and learning to balance your private practice and your life.


Through our lively discussions we will discover places where you are stuck with your clients.  Maybe your self care needs some adjusting?  Maybe this client is bringing up issues from your past? Maybe you're thinking about or have just started your private practice and you feel lonely and unsupported?

Maybe you just need a reminder that you are doing important work!  I'll be available to support you as you support your clients.

About me

I'm bound by the same laws of strict confidentiality that you are so each meeting is safe and secure.  I've been where you are struggling with deep and perplexing cases.  I have extensive training in Marriage and Family Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Systems Theory.  I have worked in mental health over 20 years starting in community mental health and now in private practice. I also have self chosen training in alcohol and drug issues.  I have first hand experience on what it takes to start a private practice.

I'm a mom of many, an adoptive mom and a mom of children with special needs. 

Reach out and let's see if we'd work well together!

There is no guidebook, blueprint or recipe for working with clients.  We use the education and training we've had plus our "therapist's sense/gut feeling" but sometimes we get stuck.  Because of the nature of confidentiality when we feel stuck it can feel very lonely.  That is why case consultations are necessary to our self care as therapists. 

   We can meet for 50 minutes ($150) or take a whole 80 minutes ($225) to discuss cases that are important to you. 

We can invest in you so you can invest in your clients.

I always provide a non judgmental experience because I know what you are going through.  I've been in the thick of challenging cases!


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