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​Counseling for Teen Depression

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​Helping teens find their way

You're Worried

The teenage years are upon you and you're worried about your teen. Between hormones, peer pressure, expanding social environments, academic expectations and the confusion of figuring out who they are, many teens struggle to find their place in the world and run up against all kinds of challenges along the way. For most teens, these challenges will eventually lessen and they'll get back to their happy self. For some, the teenage years are harder to navigate. Mental health struggles are rising in teenagers. LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse kids are more likely to attempt suicide. Teenagers are struggling now more then ever before.  It can be challenging as a parent to determine if your teen is truly depressed, or just being a normal cranky teenager. If your teenager is withdrawing from friends and activities he/she/they once enjoyed, appears to have low to no motivation, is using alcohol or other substances to self-medicate or has made suicidal comments, getting the help of an expert who specializes in teenage depression may be critical to your child’s current and future wellbeing.

Students on Staircase learning about depression after attending counseling for teen depression.

Counseling for Teens Can Help Your Teenager Learn Coping Skills for Life

When our teens are struggling it can be hard for us, as parents, to listen to their struggles while remaining calm.  Their struggles might bring up feelings of guilt and if a suicide attempt is made, many of us feel as if we've failed as a parent.

You have not failed. 

Teenage depression is a complicated issue.

Having a counselor trained in emotional regulation skills, safety planning, and other supportive practices can help support you as you support your teen.

Please reach out to schedule a free 15 minute consultation where we can discuss how I can best support your family.

++Suicide Prevention Hotline (in the US): Call 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline 

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