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Kimberly Schildbach LMHC - Online Therapy for Grief and Loss, Relationship Issues, and Individuals in Massachusetts 

Are you ready to let go of shame, uncertainty, and overwhelm?

Do you want a safe space to explore your loss?

Do you wish you had relationships that were close and connected?

Hi, I'm Kimberly Schildbach (she/her)

I know what it's like to have life weigh you down. 


Is that how you landed here?  Is life kicking you in the teeth right now? Is life kicking your family in the teeth right now?


I was a super emotive kid born into a family totally shut off from any feelings.  A budding therapist in a distant and cold family, I survived by putting my feelings and beliefs into a box until I was a young adult.

As a young adult, I was angry and awkward.  I knew there was this life waiting for me but I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, and how to live.  I was deeply uncomfortable in my own skin.

Then I found my Rita (my first adult therapist) who guided me from where I was to a place of healing.  

So now it's your turn, let me help you voice the things you hide deep in your heart. 

You might have some prickly bits you want smoothed out, but that's okay. You might have been through horrible, rough stuff and it's left you shaking and scared to take a chance, that's okay too. Maybe you're worried that if you start healing your relationships won't be able to survive you changing.

Just imagine for a moment, living a life you've chosen.  Not a life based on your parents values, the pain you've suffered, or the judgements of others.

Your life, deep and authentic and all yours. Free from all the anxiety, self-doubt, and hopelessness.

You just need a little help.  I can be that help. 

Me, cute as a button.  My origins might be humble but I was born to do big things.  YOU ARE TOO!

A picture of Kimberly Schildbach as a young child making a funny face.

Working with Me

I like to think of therapy as a really great conversation.  But it will be all about you - you get veto power, you get to choose the subjects, and you get to have goals you choose.  I'm a warm and easy person to talk to. If you want to stay light, we'll stay light.  Once you know I'm on your side, I will probably push you to go deeper into how you feel.  I want you to see the blind spots that keep you stuck.  There's no use coming to therapy if you're just going to stay in the same place, right?  


Our sessions will be friendly and inviting, there will be no Freudian head bobbing and silence.  You can expect our sessions to feel honest and open. There might be tears, anger or even laughter. 

My practice is LGBTQ+ and neurodiversity affirming. 

Please reach out with any questions!


  • M.Ed. in Multicultural Education
  • M.Ed. in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Licensed as an Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts
  • Extra training in substance abuse from The Recovery Centers of America
  • Trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT):  ACT has been proven effective for anxiety, depression, OCD, stress, PTSD, and substance abuse.
  • Trained in Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT):  If you are seeking therapy to heal a relationship, because you are grieving, or to learn more about your emotional responses,  EFIT therapy has been shown to be very effective. It's also an evidence based therapy for depression and trauma.
  • Trained in Client Centered Therapy/Person Centered Therapy
  • Trained in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • I also draw from feminist and psychodynamic models.
  • 18 years of experience in community mental health working with everyone from veterans with PTSD to teens to adults with depression or anxiety.
  • I started this private practice in 2021 to bring therapy services to everyone, all over Massachusetts, at times that are convenient to them.  I know what it feels like to want to make time for self care and simultaneously feel like finding time is impossible.  Teletherapy fixes that.
  • I'm also an adoptive mom, a mom of neurodivergent children, and a mom of children with disabilities.  I've been through the thick of it with my toddlers and teens.  My story is not your story but my work with parents comes from a place of understanding and shared experience.
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