10 Things To Know About Your Therapist

Updated: Aug 16

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I became a therapist because I love listening to you. I love hearing the story of your life, how you got to be the person you are today and I get excited with you when you talk about the person you want to become. I find it a privilege to hear about the things you want to talk about - even the small things like a recap of your weekend.

And in session you spend so much time being open and honest about yourself, it's absolutely normal to be curious about me - we just don't want to take any of your therapy time to talk about me - you're too important!

So in the spirit of good will I'm going to give you a sneak peak into the wonder that is me. That way the next time you're sharing your innermost secrets with me you can smile knowing that you know a few tidbits about me too.

10 Things About Me

  1. I can't eat popsicles, I can't watch people eating popsicles, I can't hear people eating popsicles, I can't watch movies with people eating popsicles. It makes me writhe in agony.

  2. I ADORE people watching. I would rather visit a market or a park than go to a museum.

  3. I also ADORE chit-chatting with people, even if we don't share the same language. I'm a master of gesturing wildly to get my point across.

  4. I cook with intuition - I know a bit about spice families and which foods to pair with them. It usually tastes good (not always.)

  5. I'm a highly sensitive person (HSP) and if two of my kids talk to me at the same time my system overloads (and takes a while to reboot.)

  6. This happens a lot because I'm a mom of many - 8 children to be exact. 4 by birth and 4 by adoption. Crazy right?

  7. I'm learning Mandarin!

  8. I have a thing for Corgis and have had 2. Our current pup is Daisy and if you have very sensitive ears you might hear her bark once in a while in the background of our teletherapy sessions.

  9. I love funk and soul. Aretha, Earth Wind and Fire and Marvin Gaye are some of my favorites.

  10. I have a thing for moss. If I see a patch I find myself overwhelmed with the need to take off my shoes and socks and squish my toes in it.

The biggest thing to know about me is that I love helping people. It brings me the greatest joy!

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