4 Ways to Best Prepare for Your Therapy Session

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In this article I want to share 4 ways to best prepare for your first therapy session.

A quick disclaimer: you don't have to do any of these suggestions - you can just show up and speak - but this list will give you some ideas if you're nervous about being tongue tied in session. (And if you do get tongue tied in our session don't worry - I ask really good questions!)

  1. Take a moment before sessions to center yourself - connect with what is bothering you most at this point in time.

  2. Take risks to be open and honest in therapy. Sometimes we hide our "bad parts" because we've been judged in the past. Therapy is the time to share your "bad parts" - all the parts you keep hidden - so you can have the most reward and peace. Sharing with me and not being judged is powerful stuff - you learn your dark parts are just parts of you!

  3. Try asking yourself questions to "frame" your work in therapy. What do I want most in life? How do I want my life to change? Knowing where you are going will help you take small steps to get there.

  4. Remember that therapy is just 1 hour of your week - the other 167 hours are when you make the changes that will lead to the life you want to live. Celebrate your effort!

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