How to Speak Up for Yourself

Updated: Aug 16

Haven't each of us felt obscure, plain and little?

Have you ever stood in front of someone denying your humanity and kept silent?

Did you think someone was leaving because you were deficient?

Or have you spoken up like Jane did?

I've had moments of both. Sometimes I'm courageous and sometimes I'm a wimp.

But I have a little secret for you....

When someone is calling me obscure, plain and little it is because THEY question THEIR worth.

It has nothing to do with us.

Mr. Rochester worried Jane could never love him because of his secret in the attic.

She knew his worth was immeasurable and so was hers. And she spoke it with passion and truth.

Remember that the next time someone is dressing you down. Whether you speak up to them or not has NO bearing. It's what you say to yourself that matters.

Your worth is immeasurable.

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