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Rates for 2023

Individual Therapy

The initial session is 1 hour 20 minutes in length which gives us plenty of time to get to know each other.  The price for this intake session is $225.

Ongoing online therapy sessions will be 50 minute sessions and the price is  $150.


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Designer Session

This online designer therapy session is 2.5 hours in length (with a 10 minute break in the middle).  These very special sessions are priced at $450.

This is a great time for a couple in crisis to work on deeply intrenched patterns of behavior that bring them pain.  For individuals it could be a jump start to possible future therapy or a way to work on a specific issue in an accelerated format.

Since this is a specified time set aside for you I require a non refundable down payment of $200 to secure the session time. 

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Couple Therapy

Initial visit/intake is 1 hour 50 minutes in length (giving us plenty of time to get to know each other) with the price being $325.  Ongoing couple therapy sessions are 1 hour 20 minutes in length at a price of $250.

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