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Rates for new clients - 2023


Individual Therapy

Initial Visit/Intake

50 minutes



Individual Therapy


50 minutes



Couple or

Family Session

50 minutes


Variety of Payment Methods:  Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) & any major Credit/Debit card are accepted.
Family party with happy people who use Kimberly Schildbach Online Therapy.

Do you take insurance? Why not?

To be honest, insurance companies make it very hard for therapists to provide individualized, high quality treatment.  Insurance companies expect me to diagnose you with a mental health disorder for them to pay for your sessions, they frequently limit the number and frequency of sessions and sometimes even deny coverage for what seems like a random reason. And you can't come to therapy for self exploration and growth if you want to use your insurance - you must have a diagnoseable mental health disorder to use insurance. 

I am an out-of-network provider with insurance companies. Some insurance companies will reimburse a portion of the fee that you pay me. You are responsible for paying the full session fee at the time of our appointment and I can provide an itemized receipt (superbill), upon request, which you can submit to your insurance company. If you are interested in exploring your out-of-network benefits, I encourage you to call your insurance company first to find out what your mental health benefits are.

Be aware that insurance may not reimburse for couple or family sessions.

How to Receive Reimbursement from Insurance

How to contact your insurance to discuss your out-of-network benefits:


  • Call the number on your insurance card and ask "Can I be be reimbursed for out - of - network mental health treatment?" 

  • If they say "yes" ask for all the details - how do you submit the superbill for reimbursement?  Will they pay for teletherapy?  Will you have to fulfil a deductible first?  ​

Any billing or benefits issues related to your insurance company are between you and your insurance company.  

If you are unable to afford paying for weekly services out-of-pocket here are some alternative options: 

  • Choose a 2x a month appointment

  • Pursue reimbursement from your insurance agency. 

  • FSA/HSA Visa Cards – If your employer has provided you with the option of putting aside pre-taxed funds into a Flexible Spending or Healthcare Savings Account in the form of a Visa Card, you can use either of these accounts to pay for counseling.

  • Consider online therapy: Online therapy is a more affordable option than traditional therapy as you don't have to pay for gas or parking. 

  • Talk to me.  I have limited slots available for an income based lower fee.

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