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Trauma Informed
Treatment Specialties


Through a collaborative approach we will discover ways for you to be actively involved in your life, discover the path that led to your sadness and root out any coping skills  (perfectionism, eating issues, substance use) that keep you trapped.  Therapy can help you regain a sense of control and pleasure in life.  This will be done incrementally taking your feelings of  comfort and safety

as the guide. 

Relationship Issues

Time in couple therapy can help you both consider the behavioral and feeling patterns you participate in.  Do they lead to connection or arguments and pain?  My training as a Structural Marriage and Family therapist leads me to look for the dynamics and backstory of your relationship.  What is at the heat of your struggle?  That is what we will explore in sessions.


Therapy can help you learn to listen to the messages your anxiety is sending you.  Instead of seeing it as a "bad" emotion we can help you see anxiety as a friend alerting you to things you care about. Therapy can also help with coping skills for when anxiety screams a little too loudly.

Life Transitions

Adjusting to change can be difficult.  Change can trigger us back into unhealthy coping patterns.  Therapy can provide us space to remember we are safe, calm our nervous systems and try to be more present in the now.  We can grieve and brainstorm new directions.  Sometimes life transitions can encourage us to learn new skills,  lead us into greater awareness of our needs and enrich our relationships.   Online therapy can help us carve out space to consider our new normal.

Stress Management

Online therapy can help you identify your triggers, your personal stress response and learning relaxation skills.  We can explore your tendency to either be on high alert or checked out and numb.

It can be a time to brainstorm a self care plan that is sustainable and matched to your lifestyle.

Therapy for Therapists, Helping Professionals and First Responders

Sometimes the work we do can leave us feeling empty and deflated.  The work you do as a first responder can cause symptoms of PTSD or a shared trauma response. Maybe you need help managing stress, maintaining healthy boundaries or instituting a sustainable self care plan.  Regular online therapy is a special time set aside for you to recharge and renew.

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