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Two men fishing, talking and enjoying life after therapy for men at Kimberly Schildbach Therapy.

Therapy for Men

Helping you feel like yourself again.

Kimberly Schildbach LMHC - Online Therapy for Men in Boston and All of Massachusetts

Are you looking for a therapist to help you feel confident again?

  • Are you overwhelmed by life right now?

  • Is your energy so low that you're not enjoying the things you used to enjoy?

  • Are you losing sleep over worries about money, your job, or your kids?  

  • Do you find yourself lashing out or isolating yourself?

  • Are you fighting with your partner over the same things?

  • Do you find yourself avoiding problems by zoning out, using substances, or watching porn?

  • Is the experience you had in the military or in your family of origin causing issues in the present?

I'm glad you're here.  Therapy can help you figure out when things started going wrong for you.  Once you know that - you can take steps to fix it.

Confronting the things that are causing problems in your life is the first step to feeling in control again.

Online Therapy for Men can help you to: 

  • pinpoint what is causing your low energy, appetite and sleep issues.
  • figure out why you're struggling to be around other people.
  • stop saying things or acting in ways you regret when you're angry. 
  • lower your anxiety and worry.
  • help you learn to communicate better in your relationships.
  • find better ways then substances or zoning out to deal with your problems.
Cooking at Home

Sometimes coping too much can drive you crazy.

*** A special note

You guys are not the easiest to convince to come to therapy. I've worked with lots of men - veterans, men on probation, and men from abusive families. Many of my guys were also apprehensive at first, but now admit therapy has been the best thing they've done for themselves and their relationships.  Why not take a chance and see if therapy is for you?

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