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Image by Ayo Ogunseinde

Men*** need therapy too!

Yeah YOU!

Do you find yourself angry all the time?  When you do open up do you find yourself really angry and even rageful? (That is your cortisol rising!) 

Are you feeling disconnected in your relationships?

Are you struggling with depression or anxiety?  Substance abuse or trauma?  

Do you have a history of incarceration or involvement in the "justice" system?

Did you grow up in a household full of chaos or insecurity?​

All feelings are normal and real.   I know you might not believe that now - because you're in the woods but they are.

Running away from them won't get you anywhere.

Hiding your feelings might have helped you survive in the past but now - with your relationships, with your friends, at your work - it isn't working anymore.  Substances, sex, self flagellation aren't working anymore.  Feelings and memories are leaking out.


It's okay to feel what you feel.  You should feel pissed and hurt.  Life hasn't been easy. 

Online mental health therapy sessions will feel like having a great conversation.  There will be laughter and understanding and yes, sometimes tears.


Together, when you are ready, we will explore when things started being so hard for you.  Things will get better.  Therapy does help.  

Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to see if we'd work well together.

***If anything about "therapy for men" resonates with you - even if you were assigned a different gender at birth - than we can absolutely work together.

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