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Have you had a bad therapy experience?

Since my student days I've always worked well with people who have struggled to connect with their  therapist. I was and still am the therapist who can connect with just about anybody because I see you as courageous and brave.

You've been through a lot and you want someone to care deeply about what you've been through.

I get that, I've been there myself. 

So have you had neutral or downright negative experiences in therapy?

Maybe it's because the relationship never felt genuine, maybe it's because you were pushed into therapy - either by your loved ones or because an outside entity insisted upon it (school or the justice system) or maybe you just never "clicked" with that specific therapist.

Maybe they were just mean and hurtful.

Therapy isn't supposed to hurt in the traditional sense.  Self exploration can bring up pain and hurt but you should feel supported - never pushed - as you explore all parts of yourself.

I do offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if we'd work well together.

Contact me and we'll talk!

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