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Happy client after attending online therapy in Massachusetts with Kimberly Schildbach Therapy.

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Online Therapy in Massachusetts and Vermont 

Online Life Coaching in all 50 states


As an online therapist serving Boston and all of Massachusetts and Vermont I offer insight oriented therapy to couples and individuals.  I want to help you understand what makes you tick so you can have lasting change.  

Is your life out of balance?

Life challenges can be aging, fear, failure, mood disorders or any changes in your relationships.

Can you become curious about the new state you find yourself in?

Resilience to face life's changes can be learned.  Therapy can help.

Are the messages you learned from your family of origin making life hard in the present?

I specialize in helping you understand your family history and how it affects you so you can live the life you want. The survival skills you learned as a child can make relationships in the present difficult.  Let's get you unstuck.

Is parenting harder than you thought it would be?

This is therapy for you.  Whether you are an adoptive/foster parent or you are parenting a kid with special needs, medical needs, or mental health struggles therapy will be a supportive place to acknowledge both the pain and joy of parenting a child with special needs or early trauma.   It's a special time for you to care for your needs, so you can better care for your family.

Online Therapy in Massachusetts and Vermont

Kimberly Schildbach LMHC 

We spend so much time running from, ignoring, and denying our feelings it's no wonder we feel lost, unsatisfied, anxious and depressed.

Hiding your feelings ​might have helped you survive in the past but now - with your relationships, with your friends, at your work - it isn't working anymore.  Substances, Netflix and self flagellation aren't working anymore.  Feelings and memories are leaking out.

As an online therapist in Massachusetts and Vermont I help my clients reduce (and learn from ) anxiety, manage depression symptoms, resolve relationship issues, navigate difficult life transitions, and maintain healthy habits and lifestyles.  My clients have learned how to institute and enforce personal boundaries.  Most importantly, my clients have become okay with and learned to celebrate who they are.

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Massachusetts online therapist working with clients with stress, adoptive parents, high achievers and adults with dysfunctional childhoods.

Online Therapy in Massachusetts and Vermont

It is now easier than ever to book your session with me. Instead of worrying whether you can find a therapist in Massachusetts or Vermont that is accepting clients, I offer appointments on Thursdays and Fridays all online.  It's easy to find a time to meet and you don't have to factor in commute to the appointment or find parking!

It's time to stop avoiding and trying to tune out

Freedom is about tuning in to the complexity inside you

Are you using substances, shopping or binge watching to tune out the painful things inside you? 

Trying to ignore your inner life can only work for so long.

Blocked emotions can cause stress and physical symptoms.  Turning out can cause all your relationships to suffer leaving you feeling alone and isolated. Silencing your feelings makes it hard to live a joyful life.

If you grew up feeling ignored and abused it's time to stop the cycle.  Give yourself the gift of self understanding.

I am your empathetic ally in your healing.  You are in charge in this safe and supportive space.

Online therapy can help you to transform your life, have healthier relationships, and cope with whatever life throws your way.

Don't Neglect Your Mental Health

As an online therapist serving Massachusetts and Vermont my goal is to help you meet your mental health treatment goals.  Please don't wait until you are in a crisis to take care of your mental health!

Happy older couple enjoying the beach after online counseling in Massachusetts.
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