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Kimberly Schildbach Therapy

Personalized, exclusively online therapy sessions.

Offering individual and couple therapy as a trained Marriage and Family therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts and virtual coaching anywhere in the US and around the world.   

For individuals:
Are you using substances, perfectionism, sex or eating to deal with life?

Do you find yourself becoming hypervigilant or numbed out in response to stressors or triggers?
Are you dealing with anxiety, depression or other mood disorders?
Are your relationships strained or exhausting?
Are you or are you in a relationship with a trauma survivor?

For couples:
Do you find yourselves having the same argument about the same things over and over?
Do you sense that you past history is affecting how you relate to your partner in the present?
Do you need help listening to each other, identifying your true feelings and finding ways to empathize with your partner's point of view?

You are not alone and trauma informed therapy can help.

See why trauma informed therapy works for everyone here.

Work with me

Hi!  I'm Kim (pronouns she/her) and I've helped many clients and couples over the years overcome their struggles and get back to living a balanced life. 


You will find sessions with me welcoming because I want you to feel comfortable and courageous. By providing a validating and non judgmental experience I hope you will feel safe and begin to explore all parts of yourself and your relationship.

My style is compassionate, client centered and strengths based.  I create an atmosphere that is safe, consistent and kind.

Therapy is all about finding a good fit, and I know how important it is to feel safe and supported in order to grow. 


I offer a free 15 - minute phone call so you can see if we'd work well together.  There is no pressure to commit to therapy after we speak.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Still not sure if individual of couple therapy is for you?

Please see my FAQ page for information on what trauma informed therapy is (and who it's good for) and why starting therapy even if you are scared is beneficial.

Please remember I offer a free 15 minute phone or email consultation to see if we'd be a good fit.  There is no pressure to commit to therapy after we speak.


Non judgmental shame busting therapy sessions. I believe that you are totally capable of having a better life and wonderful relationships. 

I offer a longer initial visit/intake session where we can get to know each other and talk about your goals for therapy.


I call these "blast it out" sessions.  These are scheduled at my discretion and last 2.5 hours.  They are great for anyone needing space and time to talk about an issue or issues with a compassionate and engaged listener. This is a great session to tune out the world and focus on finding some solutions and peace.   This session could be part of ongoing therapy or a one time thing.  Couples love to use these sessions as a jump start to solving an ongoing negative dynamic in their relationship.


Ongoing couple sessions are 1 hour 20 minutes in length and can be used to work on problems or renew your bond.  These sessions can help couples reconnect, learn to communicate better and lessen conflict.  

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