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Kimberly Schildbach 

Online mental health counseling sessions from the comfort of your home, car or office.

Are you hurting and you don't know why?
Are you scared and anxious and want some relief?
Are you struggling in your relationships?
Are you confused as to what step to take next to heal, grow, and succeed?

Is life kicking you in the teeth right now? ​​

Hi!  I'm Kimberly Schildbach (pronouns she/her) and I want to help you imagine something


I want you to imagine a life filled with days you look forward to.

Feelings that you can identify and that you honor.

Relationships that are deep and meaningful.

Feelings of safety and trust.

Peace with your past.

Positive coping skills to help with anxiety, depression or other big feelings.


Why work with me?


I was pushed into therapy as a child by parents who didn't quite understand my spirit.  Then in my 20’s I worked with a therapist who was genuine and kind.  I told her things I never felt comfortable sharing with anyone. 

Years later, I still feel her warmth and her soothing voice in my head when I am struggling with something. 


When I became a therapist, she was the ideal I strived for.  I made sessions for clients comfortable and inviting. I provided a nonjudgmental, safe space, because I know that when we feel safe we take risks - we open up and feel courageous.

I know you might be nervous about reaching out to a therapist.  Maybe you've had a bad therapy experience?  Maybe someone "forced" you into therapy and you never felt connected?

There is no shame in taking the time to explore if therapy is right for you.


I know you long to be understood. 

You want to feel validated, accepted and empowered.

You want strategies and tools but you want these shared with kindness and care and maybe a little humor.

My style is warm, friendly, consistent and kind.  You will find sessions with me welcoming.  I want you to feel comfortable and connected.  We know from research that feeling connected and understood is the horse that drives the cart.  By providing a validating and non judgmental experience I hope you will feel connected and begin to explore all parts of yourself.  

I love to work with people who are looking for a better way. 

I love to work with people who begin therapy feeling hopeless, and leave with hope. 

I love to work with anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and how they tick.

And because I only work remotely, you get all the benefits of teletherapy without the traffic,  waiting rooms or fluorescent lighting!

I offer a free 15 - minute phone call so you can see if we'd work well together.  There is no pressure to commit to therapy after we speak.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Let's Talk

Book a free 15-minute phone call with me.

Adorable Chick
Kim is that person in your life that makes you feel like she just GETS you.  I've known Kim for 20 years and she is the therapist I always wanted! I always refer clients to her when I don't have space for new people. I value her warmth, compassion, and easy-going attitude.

Allyson Dinneen MFT, author of Notes from Your Therapist