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Enjoying the Nature

Kimberly Schildbach, therapist

Are you hurting and you don't know why?
Are you scared and anxious and want some relief?
Are you struggling in your relationships?
Are you confused as to what step to take next to heal, grow, and succeed?
My Approach


Life might be feeling tough right now and you need some support.

You want time to talk about your struggles.

You long to be heard and validated for what you've been through.

Therapy can help you find some relief.


I offer insight based, client centered therapy.


The wisdom is within you.  I'm here to listen, support,

ask reflective questions, and offer empathy.  ​

Therapy is like a good conversation. Reach out and we'll talk!


​I've worked with justice involved individuals, veterans, people in life transitions, adoptive parents, people in recovery from substance abuse, grieving clients, clients trying to make sense of how their family of origin affects them know, teens who've hated therapy in the past and clients

wanting a better life.  

Anyone experiencing:

  • ​shame

  • stress

  • relationship issues

  • childhood wounds

  • worry

  • depression

  • perfectionism

  • feelings of worthlessness

  • self harm

  • intrusive thoughts or memories

  • negative thinking

  • struggles setting boundaries

  • self esteem issues

  • trauma (what YOU define as trauma)

About me

I've been working as a mental  health therapist in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts for over 15 years. 

I have 2 master's degrees - one in multicultural education and one in psychology.  I'm am licensed in the state of Massachusetts as a Mental Health Counselor.

(If you do not reside in Massachusetts you will be meeting with me as a counselor, not a licensed Mental Health Counselor but our meetings will be the same.)

I'm a mom of many including four brilliant daughters adopted from Bulgaria and China.  My daughters are also blind.

I've written about one of my daughters HERE.​

Online therapy is affordable and enjoyable.  I have an online platform if you would like to meet "face to face" but I find phone sessions work great for some people.  Your choice!


Sessions are 50 minutes and are a flat rate of $150.  I do not accept insurance because I want you in charge of your mental health.


Give me a call or shoot me an email to schedule your first session.

(413) 549-8152  (No texts please.)

IMG_8654 (3).JPG
Kim is that person in your life that makes you feel like she just GETS you.  I've known Kim for 20 years and she is the therapist I always wanted! I always refer clients to her when I don't have space for new people. I value her warmth, compassion, and easy-going attitude.

Allyson Dinneen MFT,  author of Notes from Your Therapist.