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Online Therapy for Women Entrepreneurs
in Massachusetts

Helping high achieving women root out the blocks to balanced success in all parts of their lives.
You've found success in business and now you're ready to achieve that same success in all areas of your life
As an entrepreneur, you are driven by your passion and vision to create something new and make a difference. You put in long hours, take risks, and face challenges head-on. This dedication and resilience are admirable qualities, but they can also take a toll.

Your original vision might have contained a better work/life balance.  You envisioned time for self care, reflection, and family.  Now you're struggling with worries - about your employees, your funding, and the lack of connection in your relationship. 
Your body is telling you the stress and sleepless nights can't continue.
At work you're struggling with criticism and doubt.  Why can't you just learn to shake it off? It's just not that easy anymore. 

You envisioned a balanced life, filled with fulfilling, world changing work and amazing experiences - travel, achievement, family.  You can't find the threads anymore and it feels like the whole tower might just topple at any minute. 
Together, we'll help you reconnect to your original vision and mission.  We'll work together to silence your inner critic and stay true to your original plan - for your business and your life. 
Are you feeling isolated with your fears and anxieties?  Weekly online therapy will give you a place to unpack those fears.

You're ready to:

  • Discuss the desires of your heart and develop a plan to implement them.
  • Work through blocks to your secure sense of self.
  • Embrace your personal and professional identities. 
  • Confront your fears of failure and feelings of imposter syndrome.
  • Build strong internal boundaries so criticism and others' expectations don't overwhelm you.
  • Learn to live the life you envisioned, with balance and depth, without apology.
I have no investment in your business
And because of that I am a safe person to share your fears and uncertainties with.  

I'm not a shareholder, investor, or employee.

And because of that I can listen to your yearning for more balance in your life without having my own agenda.

Work relationships can be messy.  I can help you sort though the mess.

Stepping away.  If that's where you're heading, I'll support you as you figure it all out. I'll be the one to remind you, when the going gets rough, what your next adventure might be.

Our work will help you take on a new perspective.  What are the options?  There are always options.  I'll remember your original vision and help you tune into it when the road seems dark.
Therapy will provide you the time to slow down and consider your life. 
I'll be you ally as you explore all parts of yourself.  

Questions and Answers about
Online Therapy for Entrepreneurs

How do I know you're the right therapist for me?
Studies have shown that the therapeutic relationship, not the theoretical orientation of the therapist, is the best predictor of the success of therapy.  I'm real, direct, and warm in therapy. In addition, your comfort and growth is extremely important to me.  
How do we get started?
Contact me with any questions you have.  If you'd like to see if we're a good fit, I suggest you book a first session.  Your comfort and success are very important to me.  If I'm not the right fit I will help you find a therapist that is the right fit for you.

Specializing in....

Couple in Love

Couples Counseling

Online in all of Massachusetts

We are wired for connection and attachment but things can get in our way. Therapy can help you move from defensiveness and distrust too openness and emotional attunement. 

Happy Friends Laughing_edited.jpg

Individual Trauma Focused Therapy

Online in all of Massachusetts

Anxiety, depression, trauma. 

I use an Emotionally Focused Therapy lens to help you gain a secure and confident sense of self again.  

Also Individual Therapy Intensives for accelerated healing.

Loving Couple

Couples Therapy Intensives

Online in all of Massachusetts

Intensives allow you to jump start the therapy process.  Choose a morning or afternoon 3 hour afternoon intensive.  Intensives can be a one-off or a limited series.  Couples say that their intensive turned their relationship around and started them on the road to healing. 

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