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Therapy for Men
with Relationship Issues

Online in Boston and all of Massachusetts

Are you looking for a therapist to help you feel confident again?

You're doing great in your career, enjoy your friends, love your kids but with your partner it's a different story.  

With them, you feel like you're failing and you're trying so hard.

You find yourself slipping into familiar patterns that haven't served you in the past and you feel helpless in trying to change them.

It's overwhelming and confusing. The more you try the worse it gets.

You're losing sleep trying to solve your relationship problems.  You feel so frustrated that you lash out (and regret it) or isolate yourself (leading to more problems.)

Zoning out, substances, and porn aren't helping.

You need an expert to help you see a way forward.  Let's work together to get you unstuck.

Is it possible for one person to fix a relationship all on their own? 

Counseling for Men in Boston and all of Massachusetts
The answer is unequivocally - yes!

The answer also includes a caveat - you have to tweak your outlook a bit.  If you focus on all the things your partner is doing wrong you miss the boat and frustrate yourself in the process.  

If you focus your work on what you can control - yourself - you find real answers.  When you change things on your end you will transform how you see yourself and how you behave in your relationship.  
Couple in a Kitchen

Confronting the things that are causing problems in your life is the first step to feeling in control again.

Online Therapy for Men can help you to: 

  • find new ways to respond when your partner yells or gets angry with you.
  • pinpoint why you feel stuck, isolated, and misunderstood in relationships.**
  • stop saying things or acting in ways you regret when you're angry. 
  • lower your anxiety and worry.
  • help you learn to communicate better in your relationships.
  • find better ways then substances or zoning out to deal with your problems.
**You don't have to be in a relationship to identify your patterns and change them for the next relationship.
Cooking at Home
Therapy for Men with Relationship Issues - Parenting
The family you hoping to conceive is not the one you see in front of you.
And in your heart of hearts, you think the problem is you.

You struggle to stay engaged, speak your partner's love language, turn off and tune in to your children.

You wanted to create a different family from the one you had growing up but you haven't come up with a plan.  

Let's work together to find that plan, that vision you had when you first became (or wanted to become) a father.  We'll explore in sessions what being a father means to you and discover the blocks that keep you from having the family life you want.

Specializing in....

Couple in Love

Couples Counseling

Online in all of Massachusetts

We are wired for connection and attachment but things can get in our way. Therapy can help you move from defensiveness and distrust too openness and emotional attunement. 

Happy Friends Laughing_edited.jpg

Individual Therapy

Online in all of Massachusetts

Anxiety, depression, PTSD.  Emotionally Focused therapy can help you have a secure and

confident sense of self again.

I offer specialized therapy for women entrepreneurs, CEOs, and busy professionals.

Loving Couple

Couples Therapy Intensives

Online in all of Massachusetts

Intensives allow you to jump start the therapy process.  Choose a morning or afternoon 3 hour afternoon intensive.  Intensives can be a one-off or a limited series.  Couples say that their intensive turned their relationship around and started them on the road to healing. 

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