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Want deep healing in an intensive format?  Consider an Individual Therapy Intensive.
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Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy

Helping you achieve a secure sense of self.

Kimberly Schildbach LMHC 
Online Individual Therapy 
in Boston and all of Massachusetts 

  • Do worries, big feelings, or sadness overwhelm you?

  • Are you feeling numbed out and isolated in your pain?

  • Are struggles in your relationship keeping you from living your life with ease and confidence?

  • Would you like to come to terms with past traumas and current fears?

  • Do you have a relationship pattern you wish to break?

I'm glad you're here. 
Read on to find out how online individual counseling can help you find your balance again.

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy will help transform your feelings from frightening and unacceptable to safe and understandable. It will change the relationship you have with your self.

Online Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy Can Help You:

  • Understand how all the relationships from your past influence how you are in life and your relationships today.

  • Learn to understand and become more comfortable with all of your emotions.

  • Help you come to terms with past traumas and current fears.

  • Learn to seek comfort in safe and supportive relationships.

  • Help you discover what kind of partner, parent, friend you want to be.

  • Gain new insight into what your limits are and what boundaries you want to set. 

  • Break free from shame and self-hatred.  

  • Regain a sense of lightness and safety in your relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself.

When we're feeling vulnerable or overwhelmed we sometimes protect ourselves with self-defeating behaviors.  Our protection becomes our prison.  Let's work together to get you released and living again.

Individual Therapy for Relationships Issues -  Your Sexual Self 

Kimberly Schildbach LMHC MFT - Online Individual Therapy in Boston and all of Massachusetts

Whether you are in a relationship or not, online individual counseling will help you re-establish a sense of safety in your relationship with your self or your partner so you may explore and reconnect with your sexual feelings and desires.

Do you struggle opening up sexually with your partner?   

Do you have sexual trauma that has cut you off from your normal and healthy sexual feelings?

Do you understand and honor your sexual feelings and needs?

Are you playful and in touch with your sexual self?

Are you and your partner caught in a cycle of defensiveness and disengagement around sex?

In order to engage with a partner in a fun and open sexual relationship we must first understand our feelings around our own sexuality.  Individual Therapy (or Couples Therapy if appropriate) can help you reclaim your sexual relationship with yourself and with your partner.

Do You Have Communication Issues in Your Relationship(s)?

When the communication in our relationship is honest and open we feel a deep sense of connection with our partner. We feel fulfilled and satisfied. But when we don't connect with our partner we can feel like "what's the point?".  Resentment and disappointment settle into our relationship and we feel ambivalent and insecure about our attachment..


I would love to help you identify the root of your communication problems. What are the underlying issues that are causing you to struggle with communication? Are you sure of who you are and what you want? Do you have trouble expressing your feelings? Once you understand the root of the problem, you can start to work on addressing it.


Curiosity about yourself will help. How many hours a week do you spend thinking about who you are and what you value?


Online individual counseling in Massachusetts can be a time you get to focus on you and what you want your life and your relationships to look like.

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Do You Have Trust Issues in Your Relationship(s)?

Has something happened in your relationship(s) to make you lose trust? 

If there has been infidelity in your relationship I would love to help you develop a plan for rebuilding trust or a plan to exit the relationship with courage.

Have you always struggled to trust?  

I would love to help you identify underlying issues that are causing you to struggle with trust. Did you experience betrayal or infidelity in this or a past relationship? Do you have a fear of abandonment stemming from childhood chaos? Is something "off" but you can't quite put your finger on it?


Once you understand the root of the problem, you can start to work on addressing it. If you have a history of broken trust, it may be helpful to develop new ways of making your needs known. 

Specializing in....

Couple in Love

Couples Counseling

Online in all of Massachusetts

We are wired for connection and attachment but things can get in our way. Therapy can help you move from defensiveness and distrust too openness and emotional attunement. 

Happy Friends Laughing_edited.jpg

Individual Trauma Focused Therapy

Online in all of Massachusetts

Anxiety, depression, trauma. 

I use an Emotionally Focused Therapy lens to help you gain a secure and confident sense of self again.  

Also Individual Therapy Intensives for accelerated healing.

Loving Couple

Couples Therapy Intensives

Online in all of Massachusetts

Intensives allow you to jump start the therapy process.  Choose a morning or afternoon 3 hour afternoon intensive.  Intensives can be a one-off or a limited series.  Couples say that their intensive turned their relationship around and started them on the road to healing. 

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